Ny Diesel

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NYC Diesel is a very popular strain of weed. It is a cross of the Sour Diesel marijuana strain and an Afghan indica marijuana strain. To date, NYC Diesel has won 9 different Cannabis Cup awards. It is a quite potent strain that constantly tests above 20% THC. This strain produces a citrus sweet flavor similar to red grapefruit, with just a hint of diesel aftertaste. It has a reputation for providing users with a powerful high that usually gives them additional energy and activates their minds. The high is also accompanied by a strong feeling of euphoria and bursts of creativity. This strain is great for for when you want to spend time outdoors, enjoying a beautiful sunny day. There are only a few slight side effects of NYC Diesel, and these include dry mouth and eyes, and mild headaches. Most patients use the NYC Diesel strain as a source of stress and anxiety relief, as well as to treat different depression-related disorders. It has also been known to help with mild to moderate chronic body aches. Additionally, some patients use it to treat eating disorders, due to the fact that it is known to stimulate the appetite.

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